The employment policy of METALODLEW SA

Human resource management is a key issue for METALODLEW SA, and is vital for building a competitive advantage in the market.

The Company objective concerning personnel management is to create a highly effective work system, by:

  • an increase in the commitment of employees in order to accomplish the Company's objectives,
  • investing in employee development,
  • motivating employees in order to achieving high performance.

We aim at having specialized and well qualified people in our resources; individuals who connect their professional advancement opportunities with company development. We accomplish this by hiring employees most suitable for their roles, along with the appropriate identification as regards their competencies and orientation, and their professional development.

We use and implement human resources management methods such as:

  • a performance appraisal system,
  • a training system and training effectiveness evaluation,
  • an employee satisfaction assessment,
  • succession planning.

Our incentive system focuses on the human being (individual?). We apply a systemic approach to its operation and development in the company, taking into account equal opportunities for women and men, along with the non-discrimination of any causes in terms of employment, remuneration, development and promotion.

We support our employees in pursuing their professional objectives, and at the same time caring for increasing their satisfaction with working for METALODLEW SA.