The Integrated Management System Policy of the Metalodlew Group

The Metalodlew Group is an organization made up of four companies, each having modern production technologies and techniques in the manufacturing of high quality steel, iron and non-ferrous castings, including artistic products.

The production processes are conducted in conditions which are environmentally friendly and safe for the employees. All actions are carried out within controlled conditions, thus providing compliance with the requirements of our customers and legal regulations.

To maintain a high level of our customers' satisfaction, and to meet all quality, environmental and safety requirements, we maintain an Integrated Management System, meeting the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, PN-EN ISO 14001, and PN-N-18001, along with the requirements of the Annex and item 4.3 of Directive 97/23/EC and technical regulations AD 2000 W0.

In our activities and processes we aim for constant improvement as regards environmental impact and occupational health and safety.

At the same time we are committed to the continual improvement of the qualifications of our workforce, and the awareness concerning the impact of their work on product quality and customer satisfaction, as well as the environment and work safety.

The high awareness of our workforce, along with the measures provided for accomplishing quality, environmental and health and safety objectives provide the basis for continual improvement of process results, and the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System. It also contributes to the prevention of occupational accidents and environmental pollution.

We pursue our policy on the basis of the following strategic goals:

  1. To ensure continuous development of the Integrated Management System,
  2. To maintain sustainable development of the Metalodlew Group, taking into account the needs of customers, the environment, and employees, as well as the legal requirements,
  3. 3To continuously improve the effectiveness of actions concerning product quality, elimination of environmental pollution, the prevention of accidents, occupational diseases and near misses,
  4. To optimize the business of the Metalodlew Group in terms of economy, and to maintain its high group position amongst the one-off unit casting manufacturers.

Our policy is available to the public and agreed with the employees. Necessary resources are provided for the accomplishment of the integrated management system policy, the quality, environment and health and safety goals.

Vice President
Finance and Purchasing Director

Dariusz Iskra