Sustainable development

The sustainable development policy of METALODLEW SA

The objective of the long-term development strategy of METALODLEW SA is to obtain high economic effectiveness, taking into account the principles of environment protection, and the needs of employees and the immediate area.

The basis for company policy concerning sustainable development is to minimize the impact of the processes performed on the environment and the employees by:

  • considering the environmental aspects and risk assessment in the whole casting manufacturing process, from purchasing to product delivery to the customer,
  • implementing and using innovative production processes meeting EU criteria as regards best available techniques (BAT) for the foundry industry,
  • investing in a high-performance system that protects the environment and employees against excessive emissions of harmful factors,
  • the rational use of energy, and applying installations limiting the consumption of water and natural resources,
  • systemic effective management and monitoring of the environment and work safety, according to standards ISO 1400 and PN-N-18001,

In our business we take into account the need to support local community development and measures for retaining its national cultural heritage. We accomplish this by various forms of sponsorship in such areas as sports, culture and science, and by active collaboration with local authorities, scientific and artistic communities, social organizations and business environment organizations.

We inform stakeholders about the effects of company environmental and social measures through our own website and press releases, along with audiovisual presentations during trade fairs and through meetings with customers, suppliers and other collaborating parties.